Ottawa-based band ‘Bearings’ keeps older fans happy and gains new ones with latest full-length album

Bethany Clancy, Staff Music Critic

On October 13, Ottawa-based band, Bearings, released their first full-length album, “Blue In The Dark”  via Pure Noise Records. Since releasing their second EP “Nothing Here Is Permanent,” last year, the band’s popularity has skyrocketed. Bearings has become a very popular name in the Ontario, Canada music scene and are now making their way through headphones across the United States.

This past summer, Bearings played new songs on a tour opening up for Seaway, before the album date was even announced. Fans who attended multiple dates started to pick up the lyrics and sang along to “Where You Are” and the first single released, “Aforementioned,” months before it was released. This put a smile across vocalist, Doug Cousins face.

 With this album, Bearings takes the generic pop-punk formula and shakes it up. The band is able to bring in their own unique sound while staying true to their pop-punk roots. This draws in newer fans, and leaves the older ones just as dedicated,

“Blue In The Dark,” shows how much a band can grow over the span of a year. It’s filled with songs containing raw emotion, strong lyrical writing, and a strong hold onto the past. This album proves that Bearings can write hard-hitting ballads along with fast and heavy tracks.

Fans have waited a while for this full-length version to be released, and it’s safe to say it was worth the wait. “Blue In The Dark” can be streamed on Spotify. Although the band isn’t hitting Buffalo on their tour supporting Like Pacific, there is a Toronto date on Nov. 9 at the Hard Luck Bar.