Looking for ideas on what to do in Buffalo? Elizabeth Licata has 100, literally.

Ashley Ziomek, Reporter

Buffalo, New York is full of nightlife, architecture, and of course food. However, most tourists and even locals are unaware of many things the Queen City has to offer.


Buffalo native Elizabeth Licata has gathered all of the information adventure seekers have been craving in her new book, “100 Things to do in Buffalo Before You Die”.

Licata is the Editor-in-Chief of the Buffalo Spree, a monthly magazine dedicated to showing off what the city has to offer.

“Being at Buffalo Spree for almost twenty years has really given me a sense of what’s cool and what there is to do in Buffalo,” said Licata.

Her new book explores places to go from family-friendly hikes and dining, to science museums and art galleries. With each entry, Licata includes a brief description, pictures and things to do once you’re there.

“I have to say there’s still a lot of things I still have not done,” said Licata, referring to the Penn-Dixie site in Hamburg.

“When you go there, the fossils are, well I have ‘dig for it’ there, but they’re just laying around. A lot of them are really tiny, but you can find big ones too, like a trilobite,” she explained. “I don’t have a lot of scientific knowledge of fossils, but you know, you can keep them, and like make jewelry with them or whatever.”

All locations listed in her book are within a short driving distance of Buffalo, ranging from Niagara Falls to Orchard Park.

Her book hit the shelves and online market in mid-April, and is available for your next day off or night out.

According to Licata, there’s, “‘100 Things to do in Buffalo Before You Die’, but don’t worry about the dying part, just you know, do these things.”