Tower 3 closed for renovation next year


Photo by Yomira Meregildo

Conner Wilson, Reporter

New changes are coming to Buffalo State’s residential student body next year. Tower 3 will be closed and under renovation for the 2018-2019 academic year.

“This is a part of a long term plan to renovate the towers,” said Curtis L. Brickhouse, Associate Director at Residence Life.

Brickhouse says renovations for the towers are long overdue.

“It’ll be the first remodeling or updating done since the seventies,” Brickhouse said.

With the tower closing, there’s a concern for any displacement of residential students.

“There are so many people on campus that need housing,” said junior Communications major, Marc A. Addison, “A lot of us live so far from Buffalo so it’s a bit of a strain on us as a community”

Addison struggled to receive an RA position for next year that he was working towards.

“So many more people applied and this year there were only 22 spots compared to 40 spots last year,” Addison said, “a lot of them just do it for free housing so it makes it harder.”

Many juniors who want to live on campus strive to be RA’s since Buffalo State no longer provides housing for seniors.

“Juniors feel more pressure to find housing or maybe even become an RA to have somewhere to live,” Addison said.

Brickhouse reassured that there shouldn’t be any problems providing students housing for the next academic year, despite this change.

“There shouldn’t be any displacement of students,” Brickhouse said, “We are opening up Bishop Hall for honors students.”

Conner Wilson

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