Melania Trump is literally “the women behind the man”

Edwin J. Viera, Opinion Editor

Before Donald Trump gave his first State of the Union Address, the one person who people immediately focused on was his wife, Melania. Stories flooded the internet detailing Melania Trump finally being seen for the first time since allegations that President Trump had an affair with adult film star, Stormy Daniels, and paid her to keep quiet about it came to light. These stories though show concern manage to rally show that Melania is turning out to be a different kind of First Lady than expected.

Many articles and news outlets have focused on how the office of the president is much like a sinking ship and that it’s taking on more water than it can bail out. However, one article, from the January issue of Vanity Fair magazine detail the unique way that Melania has gone about her duties as the First Lady. While many of her predecessors where advocates for major social causes, Melania has not actively expressed interest in much.

Another story, which came from her appearance at the State of the Union, was solely focused on the fact that she decided to wear a white pantsuit. For those wondering where the article comes from it was FOX News, who in a rare show of integrity turned their backs on the third Mrs. Trump’s style.

Many of the first women have had an issue to be vocal about. One in particular to note is Jacqueline Kennedy. She was remembered for not just sprucing up the White House, but showcasing many paintings that she had restored. Much of the restoration was shown during a special tour of the White House she gave for CBS News.

Aside from having a sense of style that many people have commented on, she has very little in common with her predecessors. Even her fictional predecessors did more in this time than she has. Abigail “Abbey” Bartlet of the political drama, The West Wing, took a great deal of time away from her husband to be an active woman in promoting medical treatments for everyone and had strong opinions about many of the issues her husband was working on.

Despite being a model, many publications have given her cold shoulder; with the only magazine to feature her as a cover story was Vanity Fair Mexico’s February 2017 issue. However, this has since drawn a great deal of speculation because this was around the same time that Donald trump was really delving into talks about building a wall between Mexico and the United States.

In an article for CNN, aptly called, Why Does Melania Stay discusses the practical question that many people have been wondering. However, much of the story delves into just some of the things that Donald Trump has done, to affect both his marriage and the country. In the end, it doesn’t really answer the question, but does describe the multitude of reasons why we should be asking it.

What much of the speculation regarding her role as First Lady can boil down to is that she is the ultimate guard dog for the President. Much of the presidency has been so focused on the antics of Donald Trump that not much has been said about Melania except to notice her absence from the public eye. As the allegations of several extramarital affairs Trump had, the most prominently known being with adult film actress, Stormy Daniels, we will continue to see Melania painted as “the good wife”, just like the character on the television series.

It almost makes someone want to show pity, but it’s hard to when you know that she is firm in standing by her husband. She may attempt to balance the presidency by performing several charitable acts, but the bad still out weighs the good. Maybe if she does eventually start her anti-cyber bullying campaign, people might find her to be just as suited for the title of First Lady as her predecessors.