Food Truck Tuesday opening brings many to Larkinville in the cold

Olimpcia Desamour/Francesca Bond

Francesca Bond, Executive Editor

Larkin Square’s weekly event, Food Truck Tuesday, brings thousands to the area throughout the whole summer.

This gives them plenty of time to try a lot of the different food. Visitor Andrew Thur’s favorite? An Asian fusion truck.

This year marks the sixth season for Larkin’s food trucks. 28 trucks will rotate through Larkin Square throughout the summer, with over ten parked at Flying Bison next door.

Trucks come from Buffalo to Rochester to participate. Katharine Pratt describes the event as “buffalo like”

“It’s such a Buffalo thing, seeing all the food trucks come into one very small area and get food,” Pratt said. “And people come out. It’s cold today, and we’re still getting our food. There’s nothing more Buffalo than that.”

Buffalonians are no faint of heart, especially when it comes to food. Despite the unseasonably low mid-April temperatures, many people showed up.

Larkinville has become quite the destination with the recent addition of Swan Street Diner near the square, in case anyone’s still hungry.

Reporting: Francesca Bond

Photography: Olimpcia Desamour