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CURVED: The Bitter Seed

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CURVED: The Bitter Seed

Edwin J. Viera, Opinion Editor

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Planted within us

It grows.

Filling people with

Malice and dread.​

It is watered with jealousy

Hate and Anger

Germinating into resentment

And bearing an evil fruit

It blooms within us all

The Bitter Seed​


Growth has proven depressing.

As anger becomes the soil

And hate becomes rooted into the heart

Wrapping it in an enticing grip

Until all generosity is squeezed out.

It grows within us all

The Bitter Seed


Emotions are shaded over

Like a sun setting in the west.

Generosity is destroyed.

Leaving the heart as black as night

And as cold as the frozen tundra.

All forms of hope

Are pushed out of the heart

Slowly and painfully.

Until they are no more

It stays within us all

The Bitter Seed


A crack of light shines

Through complete darkness

Falling branches

And a dying tree

Its leaves dry up and die

Even though it will return

It’s stay is always temporary.

It perishes within us all

The Bitter Seed.

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CURVED: The Bitter Seed