BSC TV 3 ready to make return with new leadership


BSC-TV’s $16,000 proposed equipment budget was recently approved by the United Student Government.

Conner Wilson, Reporter

SUNY Buffalo State’s campus television station is producing a variety of new content after semesters of not being able to broadcast on television. Buffalo State College TV is looking to release new material starting the first week of May.

Elijah Muhammad is the show runner of the new BSC TV series The Negropedia.

“We were going to call it ‘Ethnically Challenged, but we didn’t want to offend anyone,” Muhammad said. Muhammad wants the show to be an entertaining and educational program about African American culture and history.

“I want people to laugh and to know that black history is infinite,”Muhammad said.

Muhammad stated that he is also currently working on other projects along with The Negropedia.

“I’m working on a mockumentary cop show to take place on campus,” Muhammad said, “I’m writing it now.”

Muhammad shared that BSC TV is also looking to produce other programs such as The Breakdown which is a show about local musicians analysing their lyrics, and Clutch Encounters which is a prank show. They are also working on making comedic fake commercials. Muhammad credited BSC TV’s exciting new lineup to new leadership.

“Conrad is the man, he gets stuff done,” Muhammad said.

Conrad Burgos is a junior transfer student who’s currently in his first semester at Buffalo State.

Right now I do not have an official position, I’m shadowing Kerriann and Kayla, our president and secretary,” Burgos explained, “ I’ll be running for president.”

Burgos said he wants to see BSC TV grow on campus with new productions.

“I’m most excited to help the club grow into a hub for creativity,”said Burgos, “I see BSC TV as a club of freelancers who collaborate, and a place where the Buff State community can come to get projects produced.”

Burgos commented on BSC TV’s absence from campus media the past few semesters.

“Our president and Vice President, Kerriann Salmon and Bria Degraffenreid, have been working tirelessly to restore our budget, and get extra funding to update our nexus broadcasting system,” said Burgos, “Next semester we should have our campus TV presence back thanks to them.”

Muhammad explained how they are also looking toward online platforms to share content.

“We’re going to put all of our stuff on the BSC TV Youtube channel,” Muhammad said, “I’m also looking to put The Negropedia on my personal Instagram. We’re looking to release content starting in May.”

All of this creating of new content has proven to be a great joy and challenge for the television station.

“Our greatest obstacle has also been a strength: our reputation,” Burgos said, “The tour guides stop outside our door and never know what to say.  We’ve been quiet lately, which doesn’t feel great, but that silence gives us a chance to produce great work without expectations.”

“It’s just all the shooting and editing,” Muhammad said, “It’s a lot of work but we got a good crop of teams working on projects. It’s a mixed bag.”

Regardless of workload or expectations, BSC TV is very excited to make a splash on campus once again.

“We see ourselves as underdogs and are motivated by that image,” Burgos said, “When people see what we have in store for them, they will be surprised–and then they will be inspired.”

“We coming,” Muhammad said, “We on the road to making great quality television.”

Conner Wilson

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