Sinclair Media is biased but is this something new to broadcast news?

Edwin J. Viera, Opinion Editor

Let’s face it, media is biased.

Most people think opinion pieces are a journalist primary source of speaking there mind. However, this isn’t only true for the journalist, but also applies to the person/company they work for.

Some if not most news stories have a slant to them. Two major examples of this could be CNN and FOX News. CNN obviously has a bias against conservative politics and is anti-Trump, while FOX News has a bias towards conservative politics and is pro-Trump. However, with other news organizations, seeing the bias isn’t so cut and dry.

Recently, social media and several news organizations have been flooded with stories about Sinclair Broadcasting Group owned stations running the same editorial about fake news.

Many of the stations in the video were not what people might have expected them to be. Rather than only seeing FOX stations, there were also, ABC, NBC, and CBS stations. It’s a means of showing that despite some people thinking the leftist media is only in the game of playing for the left, this isn’t entirely true.

While many people have not shied away from talking about fake news and the rise of it since Trump was elected, no one is on firm ground of whom the real fake news perpetrators are. CNN was the major perpetrator when Donald Trump first came into office, but since then they have found their footing and slightly recovered.

However, their reporting has gotten to be strictly Trump based because they air the same news story throughout all of their news programs, rather than run any number of true stories that expose him as, to quote the movie 9 to 5, “a sexist, egotistical, lying, hypocritical, bigot”.

The idea of fake news just comes from a stories inaccuracy. Prior to Donald Trump stealing the term from the journalism industry, media critics would use it to describe inaccurate or poorly done stories. Not many stories are based in lies and illegitimate claims; some stories do have an agenda behind them. The Sinclair Media video is a definitive sign of that.

Since the public’s trust in many news organizations trust has dwindled down to nothing, people have been turning to their local news reports for their daily source of news. However, many of their local news programs are being taken over by Sinclair, since the company now owns 193 stations across the country. What Sinclair has done can be shown through several models of propaganda from a certain countries’ history.

Donald Trump, for example, follows the model of German propaganda, which is if you tell a lie enough times it becomes the truth. However, the model of propaganda that Sinclair is using comes from Russia, which would be to undermine democracy enough to a point where people refuse to believe it.

Even our best efforts couldn’t keep the undermining of democracy from overtaking the factual news. Political news has often made a dent in altering the perception of reality, and Sinclair Media’s sloppy attempt to joining Trump’s War on Media.

A study from Emory University in Atlanta has found that being owned by Sinclair has affected the coverage of certain topics within a short period of time. The abstract of the study discusses what was uncovered.

It says, “Using extensive data on local news programming and ratings, we find that the ownership change led to 1) substantial increases in coverage of national politics at the expense of local politics, 2) a significant rightward shift in the ideological slant of coverage and 3) a small decrease in viewership, all relative to the changes at other news programs airing in the same media markets.”

Many claims are being made that Sinclair has no affect on the way stations cover news, but an article in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer shows that people feel like “company pawns”. In this case, they are. That video is considered Sinclair’s way of entering Trump’s war on the Media, but they made their employees and journalist unwilling pawns in bringing down their mainstream competitors.

With the revelations of some of these news broadcasts, and sharing of editorials, our democracy and our media’s part in it has been entirely turned upside down in an attempt to locate the semblance of sanity that is possibly lingering around. And let’s face it, media bias is not something we haven’t heard of before.