PnB Rock set to perform at Springfest 2018

Edwin J. Viera, Opinion Editor

Rap artist PnB Rock will be performing at Springfest 2018 as stated in a tweet posted on Tuesday. In past years, artists such as Bryson Tiller, Lil Yachty, and Don Q. This year Springfest will be held on May 11 in the Houston Gymnasium. PnB Rock is currently on his #CatchTheseVibes College Tour, promoting the album of the same name, which could be the main event of Springfest 2018. Prior to that he will be performing in Lancaster Pennsylvania on April 12, The Paramount Theatre in Huntington on April 26, New York, and Yacht Party in New York City on May 5, all of which are leading up to Springfest. As of yet, other artists have not spoken or commented about whether or not they will be performing at Springfest this year.