Five (slightly weird) makeup tips for beauty on a budget


Brianna Baptiste, Staff Writer

Have you ever thought that some of your best makeup tools come from your refrigerator? Beauty gurus all over the world have been coming up with all sorts of creative ideas to help everyone slay the game. A good portion of these inventions are created to make sure that everyone looks amazing even on a budget. Almost all of the hacks you’ll find below will be something quick and easy you can make or just something you can take out of your cupboard.

  1. Make your lips look stunna just like Fenty Beauty’s lip paint with this homemade lip stain. All you will need for this is some Kool-Aid powder juice mix and a Q-tip.

Step one:  Wet your lips. Splash some water them or licking your lips works just fine.

Step two: Push your finger into the powder mix and gently rub it against your lips .

Step three: Use that Q-Tip to get rid of all clumps. Make sure those lips are baby soft, honey.

Step four: Go out into the world and rock your new lip stain.

You can use any color or flavor powder mix you like. Cherry mix will give you a vibrant red, while the blue raspberry mix will give you a killer icy queen look for the winter.


  1.  I don’t know about you guys but I have oily skin, and we all know that when it comes to makeup, that’s not cute. Lately, I’ve been looking for a way to keep my skin matte and pore-less. First of all, I’m a college student so I definitely can’t afford to buy the Fenty Beauty blotting paper every few weeks. So I researched it and found the perfect solution… a toilet seat cover. Now, I know you’re thinking that’s gross, but think about it. Those disposable seat covers are thin enough to not take off all our makeup and they are absorbent enough to suck the oil out of our skin.


  1. Being a brown skin girl, from the time I started getting into makeup, I felt drawn to orange lipstick. Since high school, it has been my best friend. In college, it seems that I need it more than ever. You know the college routine. You have your all-nighters, and your next-morning hangovers (hopefully 21 and over), that always result with those dreaded dark circles or bags under your eyes. Orange lipstick will be your best friend in cases like these because your dark circles are made of dark blue and green colors. The orange contradicts that. All you have to do is pick your favorite matte lipstick (oily skin remember?) and apply as much as you would like on your dark circles. Put some concealer on top, and just like that your dark circles are gone. Just like magic.


  1. My mom always told me that I was destined to be awkward and clumsy from birth. Why you ask? Her answer to this is simply that I’m left handed. Being left handed, I feel like I can’t do anything right. I can’t even write neatly let alone apply eyeliner well. Recently, in the beauty world, the only drama that’s allowed is how dramatic your eyeliner is. If you’re like me and barely have any lashes and you don’t know how to apply eyeliner the freehanded way then this hack is for you. All you will need for this is an eyelash curler and your favorite eyeliner.

Step one: Take your lash curler and outline the top of where your top eyelid meets the curler.

Step two: Curl those lashes, ladies and gents.

Step three: Walk out the house with perfectly curled lashes and fabulous eyeliner.


  1. So your beauty blender and your makeup brushes are dirty. How will you put your foundation on now? Yup, you guessed it… an egg. Walk right up to your fridge, get an egg, boil it, and then peel it. Even if you don’t eat eggs like myself, you still know that underneath that hard shell is a whole bunch of squishy goodness. This part of the egg is going to act like a silicone sponge. If you are one that likes full coverage foundation, then this hack is for you. The egg doesn’t absorb foundation like the beauty blender will do, nor will it leave streaks on your face like a synthetic brush will do sometimes. Simply squirt your favorite foundation onto your face (I suggest Fenty Beauty) and get blending with your newfound foundation tool, the egg.