Students in North Wing lose hot water

Donté Hemmans-Murdock, Reporter

Late Tuesday evening a steam pipeline burst in the Twin Rise building at Buffalo State College, leaving residents of the North Wing without any heat or hot water.

The buildings of Twin Rise, South Wing and North Wing are all connected, which is how an incident in Twin Rise could impact another building as well. As a result of the steam pipe burst, occupants of the North Wing are still currently without hot water.

There was a large amount of smoke spewing from Twin Rise and it caught the eye of a few North Wing residents. Shortly after the pipeline burst, fire fighters responded to the Twin Rise fire alarm to handle the situation.

“I am very concerned because I saw a lot of smoke coming from the building,” said resident assisstant, Kyannah Muhammad.

According to the fire fighters, the pipeline was in the mechanical room of the Twin Rise building.

On Wednesday, the Residence Life office sent out an email to North Wing residents that stated they are given temporary access to Porter Hall to use the showers. This access will be allowed until the facilities team can find a solution to the problem.

As of now the rest of the building is still safe and operable for the resident to live in.

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