Lloyd is leaving Buffalo State


Alex Silvia

Lunch Lines at the Food Truck on Campus

Since the start of the spring semester, the popular food truck, Lloyd, is no longer on campus at SUNY Buffalo State, as a regular contracted food option. The contract between Chartwells and Lloyd expired.

The resident district manager of Chartwells, Glenn Bucello, commented on the relationship Buffalo State formed with Lloyd.

“Lloyd has been a great partner with Buffalo State for many years and we value the relationship we have built together. It has been terrific to see the success and growth that they have achieved in our community, and wish them nothing but the best as they continue to grow,” Bucello said.

Lloyd was asked to comment on the situation, but has not responded.

The Taco truck originally contracted with Chartwells, to serve their menu at Buffalo State in 2014. The previous resident district manager, Manny Lezama, oversaw the original contract.

Since then, the Lloyd truck has been visible all-around campus at lunch time and for various events on campus.

“While our contract has expired, Lloyd’s will certainly be visible on campus for various events throughout the semester,” Bucello said.

After talking to various students, majority claimed they were unaware of the current situation with Lloyd. Many did not know Lloyd was no longer serving lunch on campus. In addition, the overall reaction consisted of sorrow due to the students’ love for the food truck.

Communications professor Dr. Michael Niman, an avid Lloyd burrito lover, was also unaware of the situation.

“It’s a real shame because they have such a following in Buffalo, that you do not see with many other food trucks around here,” Niman said.

It has not been identified why the contract was not renewed.

While Lloyd was adored and appreciated by many on campus, some students explained that a pitfall with the truck was that they refused to take dining dollars. Leading them to venture to the retail section of campus, where this form of payment was accepted.

Although Lloyd food truck is gone, one will be returning.

“Frank Gourmet Hot Dogs joined us as a partner in the fall semester and they are looking forward to being back this spring, as well. We are currently working with USG and the food service committee to get student feedback on what other food trucks they would like to see on campus,” Bucello said.

Students with suggestions for new food trucks are encouraged to attend Chartwells meeting on February 22nd. More information on the meeting can be found in the Chartwells office in the Student Union.