A Discussion in the Pursuit of American Identity


“A Pursuit of American Identity is a free, open event and will be in the E.H. Butler Library from noon to 2 p.m. on Thursday, February 15th 

The event is a 2-hour discussion designed to have students and audience members engage with civic leaders. Topics of the event all emphasize the theme of pursuing American identity, but will range through subtopics such as civic engagement, civic responsibility, and civic leadership.

“I had this idea about now, with this political climate, what are we pursuing, what makes our American identity?” said Win Min Thant, education coordinator at SUNY Buffalo State’s Community Academic Center, and coordinator of the event.

Ms. Thant migrated from Burma, to Western New York, with her family a decade ago, and was recently naturalized as an American citizen within the last year. Her pursuit of happiness and her own American identity she says, created her desire to become civically involved and coordinate A Pursuit of American Identity.”

“My intention is that we will find common ground to come together to identify what we are pursuing now as Americans,” Thant said.

Featured in the discussion, local civic leaders George Baba Eng, India Walton, and Ba Zan Lin will be representing Buffalo’s African-American and Burmese communities.

“Civil leaders fight so we could have our right to vote, our civil rights,” Thant said.

“We hope this discussion will encourage students to further participate in civil engagement.”

“A Pursuit of American Identityis an all-inclusive event designed to bring together all different types of Americans from different backgrounds.

“What we have materially differs, but our struggle is the same,” Thant said.

“A Pursuit of American Identity is a discussion event on what it means to be American and will take place Thursday afternoon from noon to 2 p.m. in the E.H Butler Library. It will offer refreshments including tea, samosas and sushi.

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