Every Time I Die’s 13th Annual Christmas Show is Nothing But Incredible


Chris Prenatt

Illuminated in light, Buffalo band Every Time I Die rock out to a sold out crowd at Buffalo RiverWorks Saturday night during their annual Christmas show.

Looks like Buffalo still knows how to party.

Buffalo RiverWorks, 359 Ganson St., had its roof blown off by all the energy that ‘Tid the Season, a one-day festival created by local legends Every Time I Die, brought to the venue all day Saturday, December 16. Every Time I Die decided to turn their 13th annual Christmas extravaganza this year into an all-day party. The sold-out bash brought in people from around the country and Canada, as well as Australia, the United Kingdom, and from parts unknown.

Doors opened at 1 p.m. but festivities didn’t begin until 1:30 with wrestling matches from Empire State Wrestling. Other events at ‘Tid the Season included an outdoor dunk tank, an open ice skating rink, curling, a mechanical bucking reindeer, and photos with Santa (because it’s the holiday season, after all.) Oceanside, N.Y., brewery Barrier Brewing Company brought two exclusive drinks to the event: Deadbeat Godfather, a pilsner named after a lyric from the EITD song “No Son of Mine,” and Hop Damn!, a rye IPA loosely named after ETID’s second album “Hot Damn!”

Local artist Bungler and Boston, Mass., band Vein started off the show at 5, revving up the crowd for the chaos that would surely unfold throughout the night.

Knocked Loose came afterwords and my god do these boys know how to get a crowd moving. As soon as the Oldham County, Ken., hardcore act started their set, a mosh pit quickly formed, sucking in as many unfortunate souls who were foolish to be close to the barricade in. The group led by the rough vocals of Bryan Garris powered through a half hour set, playing hits like “Last Words,” “All My Friends,” and “Counting Worms,” a song that has Garris barking like a dog before the breakdown hits. ETID vocalist Keith Buckley joined Knocked Loose during their last song “Deadringer,” making the crowd roar.

Frank Iero and the Patience, a band formed by former My Chemical Romance guitarist Frank Iero, came up next. Their set was more mellow than Knocked Loose’s, but it still had energy. They first started their set by playing the first three tracks off their latest album “Parachutes” in a row which are “World Destroyer,” “Veins! Veins!! Veins!!!,” and “I’m a Mess.” Iero, along with the rest of his band guitarist Evan Nestor, bassist Alex Grippo, and drummer Matt Olsson, continued their set playing songs like “Dear Percocet, I Don’t Think We Should See Each Other Anymore.,” “Joyriding,” and “Helter Skelter,” a song originally by the Beatles.

Reggie and the Full Effect followed afterwards. Now a local band (that’s what vocalist and keyboardist James Dewees said as he held a bottle of Jameson,) Dewees, along with his backup band composed of guitarists Jeramiah Pauly and Lance Claypool, bassist Vincent Caito, and drummer Michael Hansen, aka Buffalo band Penitmento, cranked out many of the band’s hits such as “F.O.O.D. AKA Aren’t You Hungary,” “Take Me Home, Please,” and “Kanji Tattoos…Still in Style???” The band then played their new song “Alone Again” which comes off of their upcoming album, “41,” which drops February 23. Dewees, the seven-times-in-a-row Pizza Hut employee of the month in 1996, (his words,) then ended his set with “Love Reality,” which he teased as a dance song earlier in their set.

Canadian punk quartet PUP came next and wowed the crowd. The Toronto, ON, based group was having as much fun on stage as the crowd was. PUP played for 40 minutes, playing tracks from their two studio albums “PUP” and “The Dream is Over.” During their set they played tracks like “Reservoir,” My Life is Over and I Couldn’t Be Happier,” and “Sleep in the Heat.” They closed their set by playing “DVP,” a song that was featured in the video game “Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator.”

Recently reunited metalcore legends Eighteen Visions took the stage around 10 p.m., brining in a large crowd that only wanted to mosh and scream along to vocalist James Hart’s dark lyrics. The Orange County, Calif., played a set of older tracks like “Motionless and White,” “Vanity,” and “Tower of Snakes,” as well as songs from their first album in nearly a decade, “XVIII.”

Finally, the main attraction took the stage: Every Time I Die. Formed in 1998, these Buffaloians have made a very dedicated fanbase across the globe, including a Facebook group called the ETIDiots. They walked on stage to “Jingle Bells” before kicking things into high gear with “Underwater Bimbos from Outer Space,” the opening number to their 2012 album “Ex Lives.” The fun didn’t stop there as the group continued their musical assault by performing old tracks like “Romeo a Go-Go,” “Champing at the Bit,” and “Pigs is Pigs,” a song the band teased on Twitter to fans, along with “Champing.” Things got so wild on stage that guitarist Jordan Buckley threw up on stage before they ripped into “I Didn’t Want to Join Your Stupid Cult Anyway” and bassist Stephen Micciche setting his bass on fire like Jimi Hendrix at the end of the show.

Just like every year prior, this year’s Christmas show was a blast. Pre-sale tickets for next year’s show go on sale Monday, December 18, at noon est.