Bhad Bhabie’s Father Disapproves of Her Record Deal



Danielle Bregoli’s father, Ira Peskowitz, also thinks she shouldn’t have gotten a record deal.

Turns out this writer isn’t the only one who disapproves of Bhad Bhabie’s behavior and record deal.

Last week, Danielle Bregoli’s father Ira Peskowitz, the deputy of Palm Beach County, Fla., appeared on the Domenick Nati Show to talk about what he thinks about his daughter and their estranged relationship. Peskowitz talked to the Buffalo born DJ on iHeartRadio about some issues he’s currently facing with his daughter.

Before rising to popularity, Danielle’s parents split when she was still a baby. After Ira left the picture, Barbara Ann primarily raised Danielle.

During his interview on the Domenick Nati Show, he criticizes her bodyguards who told him and his 9-year-old son, “she calls me daddy now and not you anymore.” He goes on to explain that she doesn’t really need them since she isn’t a real celebrity and that her bodyguard is like her babysitter. “Why does a 14-year-old need a bodyguard?” Peskowitz told Nati on his show. To further claim his point about her being a faux celeb, he gives an example, saying, “If Danielle went to a supermarket by herself, no one would like really pretty much know who she was. But when they do this whole entourage thing, you know, the six-foot tall, the tattoo, the muscle man, the management team, the call to TMZ, that’s what gets the attraction.”

Peskowitz later clears things up saying that he is still paying child support after rumors claimed he stopped paying them. He pays $1,100 per month in child support that he claims that Barbara Ann is using to shop with and to help pay for her boyfriend’s child support. He also guarantees that Danielle’s money is being laundered.

He later goes off on rapper Kodak Black who said something inappropriate to Danielle. “I think Kodak Black was doing some Instagram live with my daughter and my daughter said ‘Oh, my boyfriend’s coming over’ and he said, ‘Oh, you’re going to put your p***y on his you-know what?’” Peskowitz said. If anyone is curious, Kodak Black is 20 years old and he said this to someone who is 14.

Nati then hits Peskowitz with a big question, asking him if he believes she has the talent to be a recording artist. Peskowitz goes on to say “You saw what happened to Milli Vanilli.” For those who don’t know, Milli Vanilli was a music duo in the late 1980s and early 1990s who were revealed to not actually being the ones who sang on their records. “I want to listen to the words, to the rapping before the music and the digital enhancement is done, and then I want to say that,” Peskowitz said. He later says she doesn’t deserve the record deal with Atlantic Records and that it isn’t fair for those who’ve worked their whole lives and never got a deal.

Peskowitz ends his interview saying that he still loves his daughter and wants her to do well. “I want to be a part of it,” Peskowitz pleaded on the air, “and I want to give you some guidance, that’s all I’m asking.”