The Cherry Bombs Light Up the Rapids


Chris Prenatt

Minnie, Lola and Cherry (Left to right) lit up the crowd during their show in Niagara Falls.


Last night at the Rapids Theatre in Niagara Falls, N.Y., the Cherry Bombs wowed the sold-out crowd as they opened for comedic glam metal band Steel Panther and Iowa based hard rock group Stone Sour.

The Cherry Bombs, composed of Cherry Vicious, Gypsy Wyld, Dixie Holliday, Barbie Barracuda, Minnie Dynamite, Lola Savage, and Crystal Foxx, are “a pack of strong, sexy, rebellious women who don’t have a problem giving their fans the middle finger and telling them they’ll like it,” according to a press release. Acrobatic stunts, fire twirling, grinder belts, erotic dancing, and their devotion to the rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle, are some of the things these girls use to rev up their audience.

The girls got on stage around eight and got the crowd all excited, wearing menacing face masks and fishnets. Cherry and her gals kept the crowd entertained throughout their time on stage, which felt like it went by too fast.

After the girls removed their masks, the fun began. Dancing along to headbanging metal, Cherry, Barbie, Gypsy, Dixie, and Minnie started the show with a dance number that blended in the elements of cheerleading and the Pussycat Dolls. After that, Minnie and Lola took the stage as they danced on a pole which got the crowd roaring. Things literally started to heat up as the girls brought fire onto the stage with flaming hula hoops and twirlers a blazing. Cherry shocked and enticed the crowd as she put out the flames with her mouth. The girls brought out grinder belts to the Beastie Boys’ “Sabotage,” grinding to the beat. The Cherry Bombs ended their set by going all out with everyone either dancing with flames, on the pole, using their grinders to shoot out sparks, or dancing erotically with a “GNF” attitude.

After the show, a few people gave their opinions on what they thought about the Cherry Bombs.

“I thought they were really cool,” Andrew Rossi of North Tonawanda said. “I honestly never heard of them before and I thought they were a band at first. I thought it was really awesome that they were like what they were.”

“They were pretty good, different then what I was expecting,” Kasey Cassel of Niagara Falls said. “I’ve never seen a dance group at a rock show.”

The Cherry Bombs continue their tour with Steel Panther and Stone Sour as they hit The District in Sioux Falls, S.D., on Saturday, October 7.