‘Will & Grace’ Revival Gets Too Political

A longtime favorite of NBC’s Must-See TV has returned to the air and should have remained in the vault. The Will & Grace revival kicked off and is one of the biggest disappointments since the decision of the 2016 Presidential election. Though many critics praised the revival series, this show needs to return to the vault where it belongs.

The episode starts with Will, Grace, Jack and Karen playing a game of heads up on their phones. After Will and Grace finish playing it’s Jack and Karen’s turn, but Karen is daydreaming. Once Jack wakes her up it turns out her daydream is the finale of the series. Once the four characters finish breaking down Karen’s daydream to be just that Jack looks directly into the camera saying, “Get it”.

Will’s storyline is that he is going to Washington to flirt with a congressman despite opposing his political views on everything. Grace has to go to The White House after Karen talks Melania Trump into allowing Grace to redecorate the Oval Office. When Will and Grace discover each other at the White House they get into a fight over it, and decide that living together is a terrible idea. However, they are going to go ahead with it anyway.

One point that this episode reminds viewers of is that Will & Grace isn’t as revolutionary now as it was when it first premiered in 1998. Back then, having gay characters on a show meant it was a “special” episode in which the issue of being gay was just the topic for the episode. Will & Grace was different it was about people who are gay, bisexual and straight coexisting together.

However, sex and gender has evolved so much that this show has lost what made is stand out all those years ago. The new Will & Grace seems more like a marketing plot to keep too many viewers from tuning in to watching The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. The jokes that were in the episode are better suited for a talk show host and not a sitcom. If there was ever such a thing as being too political, Will & Grace managed to be just that.

Aside from the plot, many changes have been made to the sets of the series and modernize the feel of the series. For starters, Grace’s business Grace Adler Designs has an expanded office and Grace hired a new employee, Tony. His reason for being in the show is left extremely vague since he stumbles much of what he says. His only lines in the episode consist of him unable to form a sentence when asked about Karen and if she is overbearing with expressing her political views. Also, Grace now has an office within her office that says “Grace Adler, Madame President” printed on it.

Other changes to the set of the show are the hallways of Will, Grace and Jack’s apartment building have been repainted and are different shades of blue. Finally, it should be noted that the opening credits have been modified to the original piano theme song and trumpets as well. Upgrades withstanding Will & Grace has lost the ability to be called Must See TV and has another 15 episodes to impress viewers otherwise the rest of the ninth season and the planned tenth season should be cancelled now.