How to Uber: Getting around Buffalo using the latest trend in transportation

The popular transportation app, Uber, came to Buffalo this summer after much anticipation and resistance. / Photo from

Don’t have a car or feel like taking the metro? No worries, Uber has you covered. Uber is a relatively new method of transportation that launched in Buffalo over the summer after much anticipation.

This mode of travel is commonly described a more interactive and efficient taxi system. Uber employs people who live in the area and get to use their own cars to take people around. The drivers must undergo a background check and must have a recent model of certain cars. Drivers and passengers rate each other after every ride, and if either has a bad rating then the driver or passenger has a right to deny that person and find another.

How to Uber:

Your first task is to register for an account. You can either download the app or go to their website at Then you set up your account along with credit card information and each transaction will be automatically billed to your credit card.

The next task is to find where you want to go. Simply type your destination in the search bar and various available drivers near you will be visible through the app.

Where should you Uber to?

Some popular restaurants include Sky Bar and Riverworks. Sky Bar is Buffalo’s only open-air rooftop nightclub experience. Riverworks is a waterfront complex for skating, hockey, curling, and concerts with dining, bars & concessions.

What type of vehicle will you need?

There are two types of vehicles you can choose from uberX and uberXL. UberX is a regular low-cost car that fits only a few people. UberXL is also a low-cost car, but it is much larger than the uberX and can hold more people.

How do you request an Uber?

Next, just enter your pickup location and your requested driver will arrive in minutes. Your ride will come directly to you and their contact information, vehicle details, and location will be visible on the app.

Once your driver arrives, just hop in and enjoy the ride. When you have reached your destination, make sure to rate your driver on how they were. No need to worry about cash because Uber automatically charges your credit card.

Many people are unsure about tipping etiquette for Uber, but tipping is voluntary. If you decide you want to tip their driver, they can simply do so through the app.

Another thing to note is that once an Uber has been ordered, you only have a very small timespan to cancel it before you will be charged. A ride can be canceled free of charge if the cancel is made within two to five minutes of the initial request. However, if a cancel is not made within that time slot, a fee of five to ten dollars can be charged.