Food on college campuses get a bad rep- but here are some options that are worth trying out

Buffalo State offers a wide variety of food on campus. Most students seem to appreciate the cheap but satisfying food choices the institution has to offer.

How many food options does Buffalo State have to offer on campus? The answer is sixteen; Train Grill, 2Mato, Sushi-Do, Bengal Kitchen, Spot Coffee, Chicken Spot, Chop’d, On The Go, Café Oh Le, Starbucks at Tech Café, Jamba Juice, Salsarita’s, Subway, Argo Tea, and Tech Café.

Bengal Kitchen features a full buffet with a wide variety of food options and is open from 7:30 A.M till 9:15 P.M daily.  Bengal Kitchen has a deli station, grill station, dessert section, and salad bar. Every Friday the cost is only $5 (a 50% price reduction). For vegan students, this dining option has many vegan-friendly choices such as Spanish potatoes, grilled zucchini, fresh diced tomatoes and a salad bar all racking up under 300 calories.

Another popular food option among students is Train Grill.

“This place is great because it has many different tasty food options” said Andre, student.

Train Station’s cheapest side menu item is French fries for $2.49 and a Coney dog combo costs $6.89. Nearly every option on the breakfast menu is vegetarian-friendly. The eggs have the most calories on the breakfast menu with 1,390 calories per portion. The lunch/dinner menu features chili cheese fries which are 930 calories per serving ranking it the least healthy option at the Train Grill.

Buffalo State has a loaded Sushi bar.

“It’s really creative and good” said Cookie, student. Appetizers start at $3.99 for Edamame and Maki starts at $5.29 for a traditional sushi roll.

Subway it is the most popular among students and staff. William, a student at Buffalo State takes pride in the numerous cuisine choices Buffalo State has to offer,“ I like Subway a lot, there are many different options and they’re quick, I usually buy a fountain drink, sub and 2 cookies for 8 bucks” he stated with pride.

2mato seems to always have students flocking to it. A cost-effective option is combo #4 which starts is $2.59 and comes with a breadstick plus a fountain drink. Other food options 2mato has to offer include pepperoni pizza with 520 calories per slice, Buffalo chicken calzone which has 660 calories per serving and many more Italian cuisine options. This location isn’t a prime spot for vegans because it only offers two options, a French breadstick totaling 70 calories and marinara sauce which is 60 calories.

Jamba Juice offers three different categories of smoothies which include: classic smoothies, fruit and vegetable smoothies and all fruit smoothies. The highest calorie option for all fruit smoothies is the mega mango which has 420 calories. The healthiest fruit smoothie option is peach perfection at 210 calories. Jamba Juice shows to be one of the healthier food options on campus.

Spot Coffee is a popular destination for students. With different varieties of hot and cold beverages, it is the ultimate destination for coffee cappuccino. A vegan option of oatmeal is offered for breakfast and only has 70 calories.

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