No more mice in Moore Hall


Dalton Patterson

Mice have been removed from Moore Hall, Buffalo State residence hall.

Buffalo State Campus Services say the mice have been removed from Moore Hall, a residence hall on Campus.

“Campus services worked directly with Buffalo Exterminator… they sealed up holes and radiator pipes that mice travel through, along with an extensive abatement process,” said Mike Heffin, Director of Residence Life.

Students have been complaining about mice scurrying in the walls for the past year.

Mice pose a public health risk and if mice droppings are accidentally ingested it can lead to a severe fever or even death in extreme cases. According to University Police, no reports of mice at Moore Hall have been filed for six weeks.

“I’m real careful with the garbage and I’m on alert,” said Mark, Buffalo State student and resident of Moore Hall. He knew about the mice from reading about it from local news sources.

A secretary at Campus Services stated that anytime construction is being done it stirs up the rodents which definitely contributed to the year-long mice problem.

Now that the mice problem has been rectified, students can go back to sleeping safe and sound at Moore Hall.