Primal Static shows less is more at Sugar City

Reuben Wolf, Arts Editor

In the midst of their tour promoting their latest EP, Panstylistic, Primal Static decided to drop in at Buffalo’s DIY art space Sugar City (1239 Niagara St.).

The band played alongside other acts such as Orange Friction, The Good Neighbors, and Johnny and the Man Kids.

Hailing from Austin, Texas, Primal Static is the dynamic duo of classically trained doctoral candidate in piano, Houfei, and guitarist/ vocalist/ songwriter, G.T. The band has been up and down the country promoting their album, playing in cities in Maine, Delaware, and Virginia.

The crowd at Sugar City was rather sparse, but those who came witnessed how only two band members can elevate the sound of music to electrifying heights.

Their sound is technically alternative rock, but the concert this past Sunday showed how deep their influences run. Throughout their set, Primal Static delivered jams that traveled into trance and blues territory. They also let the audience in on their eclectic songwriting topic choices. Their final song, “Sophia,” lead singer G.T. claims, is a song about the man and woman that is wisdom.

Sugar City was the perfect home for a band like this.  It is a small performance space akin to a band playing in a garage. But Primal Static was able to entertain the audience just as if they were playing Madison Square Garden.

Most of us believe a band should consist of at least three members. What Primal Static showed on Sunday was that the two-headed beast could outbest the three-headed one.

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