‘The Late Show’ is not news, Colbert’s Trump comments were justified


Courtesy of CBS

Still from “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert”

Edwin J. Viera, Columnist

Donald Trump’s benchmark of his presidency has passed. His 100th day was met with multiple interviews including an interview with “Face the Nation” host, John Dickerson. During the interview Donald Trump was very evasive of any questions regarding his tax returns, the progress he made with his presidency, North Korean missile tests, and future policy changes. In the interview, he dismissed Dickerson and refused to answer questions regarding his views on “fake news.”

In doing this he created what will be forever remembered as Stephen Colbert’s greatest opening monologue for The Late Show in his time as its host. Colbert brought up the fact that Trump was dismissive towards Dickerson, but things got personal when Donald Trump called Dickerson’s show “Deface the Nation.” Since this is a CBS show, Colbert felt it only right to stand by Dickerson and fight back.

https://goo.gl/qqGlIGThis Monologue Goes Out To You, Mr. President, The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

After this, many people on social media wanted Colbert fired from The Late Show and thus #FireColbert, was born. People that comment in favor of Colbert’s firing are avid Trump supporters that felt the monologue was offensive. However, people that feel his monologue was well done and perfectly executed are standing by Colbert’s statements.

The main reason that people are attacking Colbert comes from one of the final comments he made in his monologue saying, “Mr. Trump, your presidency? I love your presidency. I call it ‘Disgrace the Nation,'” Colbert began. “You’re not the POTUS, you’re the BLOTUS. You’re the glutton with the button. You’re a regular Gorge Washington. You’re the presi-dunce, but you’re turning into a real prick-tator.

Sir, you attract more skinheads than free Rogaine,” he continued. “You have more people marching against you than cancer. You talk like a sign language gorilla who got hit in the head. In fact, the only thing your mouth is good for is being Vladimir Putin’s (expletive) holster.”

Twitter exploded with people making statements such as, “#firecobert BAD TV!! I WAS a fan of his before the election, after I have not watched. This is not entertaining, FIRE COBERT, a mad man!” Another Twitter post said, “covert is a sick sick psychopath who affirms everything our POTUS says about media. #firecobert.” Another post said “Steven Colbert is useless on TV. What he said was lude and horrible #firecobert.”

Something that many people need to realize is that what Stephen Colbert said isn’t news. These are personal opinions that he as well as millions of other Americans feel and can freely express freely. How did we get to a place where a person has to be crucified for having an opinion?

This wasn’t some political show such as The O’Reily Factor, Meet the Press, Face the Nation, Anderson Cooper 360, or 60 Minutes. This is a man who hosts a late night talk show and can say his thoughts about the president because no one considers his show to be a news outlet. Colbert is familiar with doing news, but it was always satirical comedy news.

Before taking over The Late Show after David Letterman retired, Colbert hosted the comedic-political news show, The Colbert Report, and before that he was a correspondent on The Daily Show. For all those who are ready to crucify him for making some off-color remarks about this President should reevaluate whom they decide is really creating “fake news.”

Colbert’s monologue had more truths in it than anything that has come out of this presidency. Many people were worried that Hillary Clinton couldn’t keep her opinions straight, but now we have a president who is going back on many of his promises. One particularly is that he would get something, or even anything done.

Trump has lived up to a small percent of his campaign promises and even some of them failed to get through Congress. Many people remember the protests that occurred when he tried to ban Muslims from coming into this country, and when he attempted to defund Planned Parenthood.

Complaining about every negative comment about Trump’s presidency causes people to just say that the commenter is wrong, even though there is some truth to the statement. An example of this is when The New York Times aired an advertisement about Trump’s presidency and the way they have treated the media.

http://bit.ly/2l5wHus The Truth Is… Advertisement, The New York Times

Currently the FCC is reviewing complaints about Colbert’s comments on Trump. CBS, the network responsible for The Late Show, may receive a fine if the comment is found to be indecent. Though his comment was unexpected, it was something that was worth saying.

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