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Library construction distracts, annoys some

To the editor

November 21, 2013

The E.H. Butler Library is the one place we as students are supposed to have to shelter us from the endless distractions and noise that can be today’s college experience. In the Union, we’re bombarded with advertisements on...

Union Bash racially themed

October 30, 2013

To the Editor: Early this semester, the Student Life Office convened to decide on a theme for the first union bash of the year. In a time when the entire region of the Middle East is misrepresented in the U.S. media, they decided...

Buffalo bike lanes unsafe

September 18, 2013

The bicycle lanes that the city of Buffalo has installed on Elmwood Avenue and Delaware Avenue exhibit devastating design flaws. Within the current configuration, thru traffic is not separated from bicycle lanes by either concrete...

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