Fall Fashion: From Buffalo State to the Runway

Lauren Cifra, Reporter

Buffalo State College is where students are taking the opportunity to change their style this fall. Across campus we are seeing students experiment with this season’s trends. From color-blocked coats to modish floor length sweaters, we are seeing an array of statement makers on and off the runway. Style.com calls this season’s fall trends “refreshingly down-to-earth” and “absolutely out of this world, the new collections had it both ways”.

Inspiration can be drawn from right here on campus, to all over the internet for the latest styles. It is in movies like, The Devil Wears Prada, where we see the excitement that takes place in the fashion industry. Why not have fun with fashion here at Buffalo State, too?

“Instead of the normal jackets a lot of people are showcasing around in leather leggings, pants for men, shirts, and anything else leather,” Katie Engstrom, a senior and Fashion Merchandising Major from Holland Patent, New York says. Engstrom mentions Urban Outfitters, The Loft and Lucky Brand Jeans as just a few stores that have been exhibiting popular fashion trends this season. Engstrom, sporting a sock bun, dark wash skinny jeans and an oversized salmon sweater, loves “sweater weather”. Instagram, a popular place for uploading your ‘outfit of the day’, has trended #sweaterweather in over 800,000 posts. That doesn’t even include hashtags in private accounts!

Along with sweaters, ‘tis the season to wear neutrals! Debbie Sidel, owner of Half & Half Trading Company on Elmwood, says shoppers come back every fall for their fix of neutrals. Poncho-like knits and oversized sweaters are flying off the racks at her store. If customers stray away from neutrals this season, wine and color-block patterns are the next favorable choice. Color-blocking is a trend that has transpired from season to season. When asked about the over-the-knee knit socks on the mannequin, Sidel says, “girls love them”. A picture of the socks from Half & Half’s Facebook page has been included.

Arlesa Shephard, a fashion professor at Buffalo State, recommends WGSN to students on campus interested in utilizing a forecasting database. WGSN, or Worth Global Style Network, is considered a valuable resource. According to their website, WGSN has been “providing accurate trend predictions and global style intelligence since 1998, WGSN is a trusted partner for many of the world’s leading brands”. “WGSN is a trend forecasting company. This is the premier place for students to get information,” Shephard explains. We are lucky to access this database through Buffalo State’s online network.

Designers like Tommy Hilfiger and Rag & Bone loved vintage inspired knits this season. Elle.com has named this trend “Norse Code”. These vintage knits are being described as ‘bonfire attire’. They are something to wear while reading a book and sipping a pumpkin spiced latte from the café in the bookstore.

You can find inspiration online or right here on campus from those brave enough to try something new. Inspiration is everywhere. Whether you’re walking down Elmwood or having a library day, the trends sprouting this season are something worth admiring.Fashion socks