The Savers thrift store in Hamburg is now open for business but maybe a little different than you remember

Dillon O'Connor, Staff Writer

Since its reopening in June, the Savers on McKinley Parkway has seen no shortage in customers lining up at the doors to drop off their donations and pick some new nick nacks.

Since the quarantine has been lightening up, stores have made a point to keep their customers safe.

Taking in goods from random donors is obviously a difficult task in these times, but Savers seeks limiting the contact between the donors and the staff.

Before the outbreak of Covid-19, staff would be allowed to simply reach into a donor’s car, however donors will now need to hand their donations to the staff or directly into the donations. This is to avoid having the employees get near a space where the donors may not have been wearing a mask.

On the same note, anyone entering or donating to the store is require to wear a mask. The store itself undergoes cleaning three times a day to ensure that high contact areas such as doors are kept safe.

Savers has also placed arrow on the ground creating one-way aisles to limit the amount of people browsing at once. The changing rooms have been closed, however that has not that has not stop people from changing in the aisle.

During this pandemic it is probably not advised to wear clothes from a thrift store without washing the them let alone in the middle of the store.

Savers has implemented multiple policies to keep the store and it’s costumers safe, but it is up to the people to follow them