Weigel Health new texting feature allows easier access to affordable healthcare

Carly Lawson, Staff Writer

Weigel Health Center at Buffalo State College has launched a new direct texting line this spring semester.
Paula Madrigal, the assistant director of prevention and promotion for Weigel Health and former student of Buffalo State, discussed how the new texting line is aimed to ease students from the hassles of phone calls and allows her to personally monitor questions sent by students.
“I’m hoping that’ll help connect students to the services and things they might want or questions they might have,” Madrigal said.
Thanks to student tuition Wellness Fees, Madrigal also discussed how physical, psychological and technology cyber health treatment are covered for students.
“It doesn’t go through insurance, no copays,” Madrigal said. “The only time that you would ever have to be billed is if we went through your insurance for a culture or like a blood draw or a sample.”
Weigel Health Center also aims to assist out-of-state and residential students as well such as assistance with getting their medications, prescriptions and communicating with the student’s insurance company.
Though all medical appointments need to be made via phone call to the health center, the new texting line offers students a more personalized approach to requesting information and prioritizes student comfortability.