Senior Bingo Night Fun


Johnna Solan, Reporter

Senior Bingo Night was held on Friday, Nov. 1. It was held by the United Student Government (USG) to give seniors a joyful night of fun and drinks. 

It started around that evening with about 10 to 20 students along with faculty and staff.

To be able to enter into the game the participant/student had to bring a non-perishable item with them to donate to Milligan’s food pantry. That helps students with low-income or no unlimited swipes be able to sustain themselves while living on campus. 

There was a total of 4 games and for each participant who won a game they were not allowed to participate again and the prizes that were given out to each winner was a gift card of their choice ranging in prices from 25 dollars to 150 dollars. 

There were snacks and drinks provided specifically alcoholic drinks so I.D. was requested at the door and it was a cash bar. 

While at the event, two students who were working it as well as a winner gave some insight. First bingo night winner, Destiny McNeal who said, “Well we just wanted something fun for the seniors to do, and we figured bingo would be perfect because the students can win prizes and we also added a little wine and stuff for the students, that is why it’s 21 and over.  It was really just something for everyone to come and do, we do bingo nights on a regular, but we decided to make it a senior bingo night, you know cause midterms just passed, and things are getting a little hectic, so we figured the students could use something that would help them to unwind.” 

As Destiny said the senior bingo night was to help the students relax and destress after midterms.

USG member, Malaysia Brown said, “I am a senator on USG, and this is something we have to do as a requirement while working for USG, I mean of course it can be fun, but it’s something that we have to do.” She always tries to invite other students or classmates to these events by posting on her social media or the school’s social media accounts to hype up the event so that people can come. She is also apart of the PR committee. 

She says, “That having an alcoholic beverage will help to show appreciation to the seniors from the school, granted the max amount of drinks are only two, but nothing much will come out of it.”  Malaysia was the MC and the caller for the bingo letters/numbers for the evening and throughout the night kept it fun and riveting. 

Bingo night attendee and bingo winner, Ajalai Rodriguez said, “I enjoyed it, I always liked winning things and I got this Uber thing, Ubers are expensive, needed it, thank you. When I got closer to bingo, I realized I was close to winning and I got more excited, so that’s all. I feel good now because I could use it to go see movies I like and not have to use actual money.” 

Now that she has her gift card she can feel comfortable knowing that she is saving a little bit of her own money. 

As for the rest of the night, it went well and there were more winners along with a raffle and whoever won the raffle that participant would receive a gift bag with various goods inside it. Nonetheless, everyone was a winner that night because it was fun for all the seniors who came out to the event. Hopefully, next year will be even bigger and better.